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Hello Quilling Friends,    
I finally did it...A Blog! Well ok, my daughter did!  Thank you Ally.

I am very excited to share this blog with you about Quilling, Paper Punch and pretty much anything paper.  I started to quill back in late 1960 or the early 1970's; it was a long time ago...I don't remember exactly.  The Quilling bug sort of found me, one Christmas my mom gave me a little kit to make Quilled jewelry.  I do remember though, having a lot of fun making the jewelry and learning the basics of quilling with that kit.  I was hooked immediately!  From there I bloomed  into making flowers (pun intended!) and incorporating them in small projects for gifts.  In my early 20's I worked at a gift shop that had a large doll house section; the owner discovered the Quill Art kits for flowers and wicker furniture.  I volunteered immediately to make up the samples for the store, in return the owner would order kits for me as payment which was the beginning of my collection of vintage Quilling kits that wasn't vintage then.

I advanced to making wedding invitations in a shadow box for all of my friends when they got married. Well then I got married, had some kids and Quilling kind of got put on the back burner.  When all 3 girls were old enough to not need constant care any more, the Quilling bug struck again.  That is when I found out about Paper Punch flowers.  I was amazed at the wide variety of 3-D flowers that could be made from little flat punched pieces of paper and how well those flowers went with the Quilling. 

Quilling allows me to nurture my creative side and a way to give one of a kind heirloom gifts still today.  I am always catching  myself looking at something and thinking I could quill that or that would look good with something quilled on it!  I also love to teach others about the history of Quilling and how to actually Quill.

I am a member of the Custom Quilling design team.  You can find Custom Quilling at www.customquilling.com  there you will find quilling supplies, punches and loads of inspiration!

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